Toni Erdmann

2017 Academy Award® Nominee

Friday, March 10 | 5 & 8:30 pm

Saturday, March 11 | 5 & 8:30 pm

Sunday, March 12 | 2 & 5:30 pm

Thursday, March 16 | 5 & 8:30 pm

A 2017 Academy Award® nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, Toni Erdmann is easily the most critically acclaimed motion picture of the past year, being named 2016’s best by Cahiers du cinéma, Film Comment, and Sight and Sound alike. Music teacher and practical joker Winfried (Peter Simonischek) and his far more seriously minded corporate daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller) see very little of each other—and when they do, they rarely see eye-to-eye. When he arrives unannounced in Bucharest, where she works as a strategist, father and daughter soon agree that Winifred should return home to Germany. Enter Toni Erdmann, Winfried’s smooth-taking alter ego with a bizarre black wig, and even stranger false teeth. Maren Ade’s (The Forest for the Trees, Everyone Else) third feature is something of a miracle, a nearly three hour art-house comedy that combines every comedic form imaginable, from corny pranks and Farrelly Brothers-style gross-out gags to epic cringe comedy and the most memorable rendition of a Whitney Houston classic in film history.

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Director Maren Ade 2016 Germany/Austria/Romania 162 minutes R (for strong sexual content, graphic nudity, language and brief drug use) DCP

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