Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me:

Summer of Lynch

Sunday, August 13 | 5:30 pm

Released twenty-five years ago, David Lynch’s divisive prequel to his surrealist crime serial Twin Peaks chronicles the tragic last days of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), the enigmatic high school student whose shocking murder set the events of the series in motion. Darker in tone and more psychologically nuanced than its TV precursor, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me tells the haunting and harrowing story of a charismatic young woman trapped in a nightmarish cycle of abuse and self-destructive behavior. For Lynch, Fire Walk With Me, which premiered in competition at the 1992 Cannes International Film Festival, offered the opportunity to explore the complexities of a character that the Twin Peaks series enshrines as a structuring absence. “I was in love with the character of Laura Palmer and her contradictions: radiant on the surface but dying inside,” Lynch said. A must-see for fans of both the original Twin Peaks series and the 2017 reboot, Fire Walk With Me offers fascinating insights into the multifaceted fictional universe of one Lynch’s most enduring creations.

Director David Lynch | 1992 | In English | 135 minutes | R (for strong violence, sex, and drug content, and for language) | DCP

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