"Falls at Toltec Gorge" by Thomas Moran

Virtual Vacation for the Whole Family

It might be a while before any of us are able to travel out of town, so let’s take a trip through OKCMOA’s collection instead. Gather around the screen, and use these images and questions to escape the confines of your home. We’re taking a virtual vacation! Let’s start by visiting Thomas Moran’s Falls at… Learn More

"Pop Shop II" by Keith Haring

Graffiti Messages of Hope with Chalk

OKCMOA is excitedly anticipating our summer exhibition POP Power from Warhol to Koons: Masterworks from the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation, which features the work of Keith Haring, among other Pop and Neo-Pop artists. Haring was born in Pennsylvania in 1958 and he loved to draw as a child. In 1979,… Learn More

Museum Films at Home: On Bacurau

This week, Virtual OKCMOA is partnering with Kino Lorber to beam one of the year’s most strikingly original and critically acclaimed new releases straight to your living-room. A box-office smash that racked up over one million views in its native Brazil, 2019 Cannes Jury Prize winner Bacurau is an audacious and timely, post-modern Western that pits… Learn More

Celebrating Women’s History Month at OKCMOA: Collection Highlights

As OKCMOA continues its virtual experience, every Wednesday we’ll take an in-depth look at selections from the Museum’s collection and exhibitions. This week, we’re highlighting the lives and art of four incredible artists from our collection in celebration of Women’s History Month. The first artist we’d like to highlight is New York City-born painter Yvonne… Learn More

Sunset by by John Steuart Curryt

Where Do You Find Hope in the World Today? 

OKCMOA’s  exhibition Renewing the American Spirit: The Art of the Great Depression focuses on works of art made during a difficult time in American history. Extreme poverty, drought, and joblessness  seemed endless.   Stock markets crashed, businesses failed, and people looked for hope in new ways.  During this time artists created art that showed resilience—by looking to the past, documenting the present, or imagining the possibilities of the… Learn More

Virtual OKCMOA

Let’s get this out of the way first: a virtual experience of any art museum is no replacement for the in-person experience. There is no replacement for standing in front of a great work of art, spending time in its presence, seeing what the artist saw. Unfortunately, it is an experience that has been put… Learn More

OKCMOA and the Coronavirus

This page will be updated regularly as new information is available. **3/20 UPDATE: Due to public health concerns regarding COVID-19, the Museum will be temporarily closed to the public through Tuesday, April 14. Our top priority at OKCMOA is always the health and safety of our staff and visitors. Beginning Sunday, March 15, the Museum,… Learn More

70th Berlin International Film Festival

The 70th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival (or Berlinale, as it is better known) was one of consequence—and not only for its milestone anniversary. The first installment programmed under the leadership of new Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian (formerly of the highly esteemed Locarno Film Festival), the 70th Berlinale welcomed a greater number of… Learn More

The Best Films of 2019

Before I get to what I consider the highlight of this post, my annotated and ranked choices for the ten best world premieres of 2019, I first would like to survey the previous twelve months in US new releases. I am very pleased to report that twenty-two of the first twenty-five films (noted prior to my… Learn More