Create Art with a Message

Alexandre Hogue was an American artist who often showed the harmful effects of humans on the earth. Hogue’s mother taught him about “Mother Earth” at an early age, and this concept would have a huge impact on his work. In the 1930s, he created art that showed the southwest region of the United States during… Learn More

Bright, Bold, Brilliantly Colored Flowers for Mom: (or any supportive mother figure in your life)

Materials: Canvas or watercolor paper Pencil Acrylic or tempera paints Paintbrushes (one small and one large would be ideal) Flowers for reference (real or pictures) Water container Paper towels Smock and/or table coverings (acrylic paint is not washable from fabrics) An arrangement of your mom’s favorite things Let’s show our appreciation for the mother figures… Learn More

Behind-The-Scenes With Dale Chihuly: Episode One

As we prepare to open next month, we’re going behind-the-scenes with Dale Chihuly through a five-part series from Chihuly Studio! Watch the first installment of these intriguing looks into the artist’s wondrous imaginative works, and prepare yourself to see them in the Museum!     © Chihuly Studio

Soak-Stain Like Helen Frankenthaler: (Using Coffee or Tea!)

Materials: Tea bag or coffee Cup or pan for making tea/coffee Watercolor or mixed media paper (several small pieces, index card size works great) Paintbrush Water container Optional: Spray bottle with water Colorful nature items (flower petals, leaves, etc.) Pan or crock pot for slow-cooking nature items Helen Frankenthaler was an American artist who invented… Learn More

Making Art Cards for Amazing People

Most of us know someone who is doing amazing things right now. Maybe a relative is an essential worker and working extra hours to make sure we have the things we need. Or, a friend is a healthcare worker and is helping people every day. You might know a parent who is trying to teach… Learn More

Staff Picks: Bryon Chambers and Roja Najafi discuss INXIT by Alfonso Ossorio

For this week’s virtual collection post, OKCMOA’s Bryon Chambers and Roja Najafi discuss one of their shared favorites, INXIT by Alfonso Ossorio. Created in 1968, the assemblage sculpture, a wooden door and frame adorned with various materials, has sparked some interesting conversations in the galleries. Chambers and Najafi speak to some of those questions, share… Learn More

(Mostly) Mess-Free Sam Francis Painting

Materials: Paper (watercolor paper or mixed media paper, thick enough for paint) Washable liquid watercolors or tempera paints Paintbrush, popsicle stick, or spray bottle (for watering down and dribbling paint) Spray bottle with water Elmer’s glue and/or scotch tape Salad spinner (Be sure to use washable paints! Even washable paints might leave behind a hint… Learn More

Virtual OKCMOA

Let’s get this out of the way first: a virtual experience of any art museum is no replacement for the in-person experience. There is no replacement for standing in front of a great work of art, spending time in its presence, seeing what the artist saw. Unfortunately, it is an experience that has been put… Learn More

Top 5 Activities to Try at OKCMOA this Spring Break

Disconnect from the hectic pace of day-to-day life and reconnect with family at OKCMOA this spring break. Whether you are visiting from out-of-town or planning a staycation, we’ve got plenty of activities designed for all ages this break.   Discovery Packs, available whenever the Museum is open. Grab a Discovery Pack to enjoy hands-on activities in… Learn More

Top 5 Reasons for Families to Join OKCMOA!

Looking for a reason to join the Oklahoma City Museum of Art? With activities for families throughout the year and incredible upcoming exhibitions, now is the perfect time to begin (or renew) your membership!  Reason #1: OKCMOA supports your family time goals Whether you’re looking for a screen-free outing, a place that is sensory friendly, or… Learn More