Museum Films in August 2019

This August, Museum Films is very excited to present a series of independent and art-house discoveries from around the world. OKCMOA filmgoers will begin their tour on the West Coast with breakout indie hit The Last Black Man in San Francisco, winner of the Best Director Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Joining this “poignant and sweeping story of hometowns and how they are made—and kept alive—by the people who love them” are two other American standouts from global festivals: The Plagiarists, a sly, slippery and very smart micro-budget comedy from Berlin’s prestigious Forum section; and The Mountain, a provocative and visionary highlight from this year’s Venice Film Festival, with Jeff Goldblum as a famed 1950s lobotomist. 

Moving to Germany, August also brings the local premieres of Three Peaks, a harrowing family-centered thriller, with Bérénice Bejo (The Artist); and In the Aisles, a wonderfully low-key workplace romantic-comedy that stars two of Germany’s most acclaimed young actors, Toni Erdmann’s Sandra Huller and Transit’s Franz Rogowski. Elsewhere in Europe, we’re extraordinarily proud to be hosting the brand new 4K restoration of Alain Resnais’s 1961 French New Wave classic Last Year at Marienbad, perhaps the most mind-bending of all art-house masterpieces.  

Back in the Western Hemisphere, we shift our focus to Chile with a pair of excellent new releases: Too Late to Die Young, a moving coming-of-age drama set in a remote mountain enclave; and The Wandering Soap Opera, the posthumous, deeply surreal final feature by the great Raúl Ruiz, cinema’s closest equivalent to Jorge Luis Borges. Both take place—and The Wandering Soap Opera was filmed—in 1990, the year of Chile’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. 

Finally, Museum Films is eager to welcome two new hit Sundance documentaries: Mike Wallace Is Here, which offers a truly engaging portrait of the legendary newsman and the history-changing events he covered during his decades on air; and Mads Brügger’s wild, globe-trotting Cold Case Hammarskjöld, an examination of the mysterious death of the titular UN head—which morphs into something far more shocking and compelling than we initially imagine.  

Cold Case Hammarskjöld is just one of many opportunities to have your mind blown at OKCMOA’s Noble Theater this August! 

Click to view and print the August 2019 Film Schedule + Calendar. Printed film schedules will also be available in the theater lobby. 

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