Bachelors & Bombshells: Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957)

Made less than a half decade after the introduction of color television, and long before the new technology had supplanted its black-and-white ancestor, writer-director Frank Tashlin’s full-color, Cinemascope masterpiece Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957) assails its visual storytelling competition. The key moment comes more than half way through the filmmaker’s spastically funny Madison Avenue-satire, when the titular… Learn More

Enter the New Global Modernism: On Edward Yang’s Taipei Story (1985)

Around the mid-1980s, Asia began to emerge as a significant rival to Europe in the production of art cinema of the highest quality. In the Middle East, Iran witnessed the emergence of a new generation of post-Revolution filmmakers led by the comparatively experimental work of Abbas Kiarostami, who got his start before the Revolution, and by the younger,… Learn More

Slowly Slips Away: The Body and Time in The Death of Louis XIV (2016)

The preeminent feature of Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra’s (b.: 1975) cinema is the human body. Set among the mythic figures of Western civilization, both fictional and historical—from Sancho Panza and Count Dracula to Casanova, the three Magi, and now the “Sun King,” France’s Louis XIV—Serra’s films place special emphasis on the physical, bodily presence of… Learn More

How the Egg Hatched: A Family's Three Generations of Omelette Party Enthusiasts Share their Story in the Event's 33rd Year.

The 33rd Annual Omelette Party is underway at OKCMOA with décor planning, chef preparations, art raffle creations, and ticket buyers enthusiastically preparing their costumes and rallying friends for this year’s themed event, Viva Las V-EGG-as. As the third decade of OKCMOA’s beloved tradition nears, so does the enthusiasm of three generations of the Farris/Cunningham family—longstanding… Learn More

Film Society FAQ

OKCMOA wants Film Society membership to be as simple as possible for new and current members. We hope these answers to common questions help you with your decision to be part of this new and exciting film community in OKC!    What is Film Society? Film Society is an enhancement to your annual membership at the… Learn More

Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions We know choosing the right Membership and using your perks is important! Find all the answers to your Membership questions below! Membership Perks Does my membership get me into special exhibitions for FREE? Members enjoy free admission to the Museum every day, which includes any special exhibitions. Do Members receive a discount… Learn More

A New Approach: OKCMOA's Permanent Collection Reinstallation

OKCMOA’s reinstallation of the permanent collection arrives after this past summer’s momentous exhibition on the Museum’s second floor, Matisse in His Time.  The second floor galleries feature works of art from the Museum’s permanent collection and select long-term loans beginning with the Works Projects Administration’s donation of twenty-eight works of art to the city of Oklahoma… Learn More

Our Window to the World

To experience the growing international flavor of Oklahoma City, one doesn’t need to look further than the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Collectively, our staff hails from ten countries scattered over three continents. We’ve made our way to Oklahoma City for the usual reasons: education, career, and—my favorite—love. Since my immigration from California almost four… Learn More