Museum Films in October

October, at OKCMOA’s Noble Theater, opens with three of the most exciting documentaries to premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival: Hale County This Morning, This Evening306 Hollywood; and Bisbee ’17. Examining a set of personal and public histories, from the eccentric to the tragic, this nonfiction trio represents the core of Museum Films’ original series, “Documenting America.” Completing the program is cult documentary classic, The Atomic Cafe (1982), which explores America’s nuclear age through a wealth of kitschy archival footage. 

Joining this quartet of American documentaries is deadCenter favorite Hal, a nonfiction portrait of one of New Hollywood’s most enduringly underappreciated directors, Hal Ashby. Museum Films is proud to pair this audience favorite with two Ashby classics, cult all-timer Harold and Maude and Woody Guthrie biopic, Bound for Glory, on 35mm! 

Later in the month, we’re excited to bring you two extraordinary world cinema premieres: The Guilty, a gripping crime thriller from Denmark set, remarkably, within a single space; and I Am Not a Witch, a lyrical and moving new drama from Africa that sheds light on the witch colonies that continue to exist there today. Satirical though it is, the child-centered I Am Not a Witch documents a real-world horror.  

As October 31st approaches, we turn our attention to a duo of creepy horror classics on consecutive Thursdays: The Innocents, set in Victorian England (in honor of the Museum’s new exhibition, Victorian Radicals); and James Whale’s The Old Dark House, which established the haunted house genre, starring Boris Karloff—fresh off his Frankenstein role—and Gloria Stuart, a mere sixty-five years before her Oscar-winning performance in Titanic. From the first great haunted house feature to the most recent, Museum Films is proud to bring back this year’s most acclaimed horror film, Hereditary, just in time for Halloween!   

Click to view and print the October 2018 Film Schedule + Calendar. Printed film schedules will also be available in the theater lobby. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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