Susan Slept Here:

Bachelors and Bombshells: Six Films by Frank Tashlin

Thursday, June 15 | 5:30 pm

The only feature film narrated by a talking Oscar statuette, Susan Slept Here wraps an appealing and slightly scandalous May-December romance inside an acerbic show business satire. Creatively frustrated Hollywood screenwriter Mark Christopher (Dick Powell) finds his bucolic bachelor’s existence disrupted when a policeman deposits spunky teenage ne’er-do-well Susan Landis (Debbie Reynolds) on his doorstep one Christmas Eve. Hoping to get his career back on track with a serious minded screenplay about juvenile delinquency, Mark agrees to keep Susan out of trouble. But that proves easier said than done. Directed with boundless wit and visual intelligence by Frank Tashlin, and featuring sparkling performances from Reynolds, Powell, and a wonderful supporting cast, Susan Slept Here is a sweet-tart midcentury delight with brains, charm, and a magnificent white Christmas tree.

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Director Frank Tashlin 1954 In English 98 minutes NR Blu-ray

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