Bachelors and Bombshells: Six Films by Frank Tashlin

Museum Films is proud to present a series of six cult comic masterpieces from one of classical Hollywood’s most wildly inventive visual stylists, Frank Tashlin.

Having begun his career as a Warner Brothers animator, Tashlin brought a stylized cartoon aesthetic to his 50s and 60s comedies that earned him the admiration of young Jean-Luc Godard. Working with pop culture icons like Jayne Mansfield and Jerry Lewis, Tashlin produced a series of singular set-piece-driven capers that blur the line between the adolescent and the avant-garde.

We are pleased to offer 2-for-1 admission on each day of the Bachelors and Bombshells series; a single ticket purchase will grant admission to both screenings.


For a truly Tashlinesque experience, pair these Mad Men-era film classics with a gin & tonic or a scotch on the rocks from our theater bar.


Susan Slept Here 

Thursday, June 15 | 5:30 pm

Bachelor Flat

Screening on 35mm

Thursday, June 15 | 8 pm

The Girl Can’t Help It

New Restoration

Saturday, June 17 | 5:30 pm

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

New Restoration

Saturday, June 17 | 8 pm

Artists and Models

Screening on 35mm

Sunday, June 18 | 2 pm

Hollywood or Bust

Sunday, June 18 | 5:30 pm

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